Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Paisley Products - Luminara Candles

We're excited to announce another new product we are carrying in our store - Luminara candles

These aren't just your old run-of-the-mill candles. Luminara candles are battery operated and shockingly realistic looking! Created by the company responsible for the special effects in Disney World's Haunted Mansion, these candles are the perfect (and safer) alternative to the regular wax-burning kind. Luminara's tag line is a testimonial to their realistic nature - "This flame is so real you'll catch yourself taking a second look."

The candles' packaging reads:

"This is an elegant wax candle infused with a delicate scent that's clean, completely safe for children and pets, and looks so incredibly realistic you will want to use it everywhere. The exclusive patented flame-effect technology allows us to offer a unique candle that brings the elegance and ambiance of a true burning flame to unconventional places.  Boats, airplanes, children's bedrooms, outdoor patios...the possibilities are endless. So relax and let it glow!"

To add a home-y, classic and refreshing touch to your home, try out our new Luminara candles!

Photos - myluminara.com

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