Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Introducing Nora Fleming Minis!

"Dress up your dishes with interchangeable dinnerware for everyday entertaining."

Glen Ellyn resident, Nora Fleming, has recently introduced a line of dinnerware consisting of plates, serving platters, bowls, candy dishes, and her infamous "minis". Not only are the beautifully crafted "minis" chic and adorable, but they are also perfect indoors and outdoors. A Nora Fleming mini will compliment any dinner and complete your perfect celebration or favorite holiday. Nora Fleming has created a mini for any celebration you or your friends may be hosting, from a watermelon slice for an afternoon barbeque to an Easter egg for your sophisticated Sunday brunch. The minis are simple, stylish, and best of all they are affordable! Give the gift of Nora Fleming minis to newly wed couple, an expecting mother, or your best friend for hosting an upcoming get together.

Paisley On Main offers many of the minis, including a party hat, U.S. flag, football, beach ball, shamrock, and the most recent additions to the collection include a golf ball and santa claus. Support a local resident while giving someone you love a truly unique gift!

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