Thursday, August 6, 2009

The 3/50 Project!

Saving The Brick & Mortars Our Nation Is Built On...

The 3/50 Project is an idea proposed by Cinda Baxter, and its purpose is to save the local businesses everyone knows and loves. Help the community of Glen Ellyn by spending $50 every month at three local stores instead of major chain stores. You already spend $50 in a month on groceries, spend that same money at McChesney & Miller, or spend the money for your Mom or child's birthday gift at Paisley On Main right in the downtown of your community. Cinda Baxter discovered the facts, and these facts will help stimulate your local community and economy!

All it takes is you picking three independently owned local businesses, like Paisley On Main, and spending $50 each month in these businesses in order to help your community. For more information on the 3/50 Project and to see the many supporters, visit:

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